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Disposable precautionary Hydrogerm "Safety Gel Kit" individually wrapped 

Disposable precautionary Hydrogerm "Safety Gel Kit" individually wrapped containing hand sanitizing gel, Non-Woven mask and vinyl gloves

Hydrogerm's "Safety Gel Kit" is individually wrapped in a transparent bag and contains:


One (1) Disposable Hydrogerm precautionary mask in Non-Woven model "Comfort".

These masks offer a soft fit, water-repellent result, 100gr single layer, breathable effect, 100% non-toxic and non-irritating polypropylene. Made in Italy.


One (1) 100 ml bottle of Hydrogerm hand sanitizing gel with over 70% alcohol.

Hydrogerm is a hydroalcoholic formula with over 70% alcoholic solution and is used without water, dries in seconds, leaves no residue, leaves the skin soft and smooth.


Two (2) disposable transparent gloves in pure powder-free vinyl, hypolegenic, registered in the Ministry of Health N. 1808444 / R.

These gloves are 100% latex free, with anti-glare finish, super-smooth, non-sterile, ambidextrous touch surface.


Hydrogerm Safety Kit precauzionale monouso imbustato singolarmente contenente mascherina TNT e guanti in vinile
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Hydrogerm "Safety Gel Kit" individually wrapped contains:

One (1) Non-Woven mask,

One (1) 100 ml bottle. of Hydrogerm with alcohol over 70%,

Two (2) Powder-free vinyl gloves registered with the Ministry of Health No. 1808444 / R.