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Exclusive "No touch Plus" Automatic wireless Dispenser with 1 lt hand sanitizing gel refill

Exclusive "No touch Plus" Automatic wireless Dispenser with 1 lt hand sanitizing gel refill

The exclusive "No touch" Plus Dispenser is one of the most requested automatic dispenser models ever.

The sensitive infrared ray positioned in the lower part of the body allows you to bring your hand closer and receive the right dose of sanitizing gel without waste and above all without your skin coming into contact with any surface, ensuring maximum cleaning and hygiene.


The batteries of the "No Touch" Plus Dispenser are NOT included.

DOES NOT work with power supply.


Add 30 euros to your cart and instead of 1 refill of 1 liter of hand sanitizing gel you will have 4.


Click below and choose the second option.


Esclusivo Dispenser automatico "No Touch Plus" con 1 ricarica originale di gel igienizzante mani da 1 lt.
194,00 €

179,00 €

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